When it comes to retirement planning, many people ask themselves, “Have I saved enough for retirement?”. First though, it’s important to define what “enough” is:

  • Will you purchase a second home?
  • Will you sell your home and relocate?
  • Will you become a world traveler?

Regardless of your dreams for retirement, we will take the time to evaluate future income needs to assure we develop a plan to help you get there.

Retirement and income planning is crucial, and the earlier you begin planning the more likely you are to live the lifestyle you want.  It is best to start earlier in life but this is not always attainable. We work with our clients individually by evaluating how much money is needed to retire based on their goals and proposed lifestyle.

Once goals are defined we will then estimate how much you are on track to accumulate by retirement, based on your present holdings. Most individuals have gaps between predicted needs and predicted savings. Based on financial ability we can help with a realistic plan to fill any gaps by reevaluating your budget to generate more savings or recommending an investment strategy geared towards meeting your goals.

Whether you are just starting out, nearing retirement or in retirement we can assist you in creating a solid plan further enabling you to live the lifestyle you envision during retirement.

Some possible pitfalls that may increase the likelihood of you not reaching your retirement goals:

  • Not having a retirement plan
  • Failing to start saving early
  • Not participating in employer-sponsored plans
  • Cashing out your retirement account when changing jobs
  • Trying to time the market
  • Underestimating how long you will be retired
  • Saving for college instead of retirement
  • Lacking diversification
  • Not calculating how much annual income your will require during retirement
  • Not planning for medical expenses
  • Ignoring the impact of inflation
  • Borrowing against employer-sponsored retirement accounts
  • Losing confidence and patience during market downturns
  • Taking on additional debt
  • Trying to do it yourself

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