Financial planning is about more than just building your portfolio.  It’s about navigating your way through life, setting and realizing your personal goals, and mitigating any potential risks that could prevent you from reaching those goals.  Your Financial Plan is compiled after taking a detailed look at your overall financial situation and determining both your short and long-term goals. This includes taking the time to evaluate your whole plan in a thorough, holistic manner so that no part of your financial plan goes overlooked.  Unfortunately, money does not come with instructions that is why we are here to Simplify Your Financial Life.

Our comprehensive process starts with a free, no obligation, consultation where we look to learn about you, your real estate and financial assets, liabilities, insurance policies, and business interests as well as your family situation, risk tolerance, personal priorities, business and financial goals.  We work for our clients by working with them. Cooperation is necessary due to the level of detail we encompass in each plan, which strengthens and develops the long relationships we strive to build with each client.

The Financial Planning Process

From there, we analyze your information then look to build a financial plan unique to your situation.  Once we have come up with a plan we review it with you in detail to assure it is in line with your current goals.  After presenting the plan we will look to make any adjustments based on your feedback. This feedback helps us to be sure we have developed a plan that the client is comfortable with, fully understands, and is confident it will set them up for future success in reaching their goals.  Should you decide to move forward we work with you and any outside companies to put your plan into play.

Once a plan has been implemented, our relationship becomes a shared commitment to see the plan thru. Our holistic approach encompasses many working parts and our clients constantly changing lives may cause them to deviate from the original plan. Therefore, we like to meet periodically (often annually) with our clients to review and update as needs and life may change. This assures we are doing all we can to help to meet financial and life goals.

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