Most individuals obtain a second opinion when faced with a serious medical diagnosis, major career decision or perhaps an overall dissatisfaction with their current advisor.  Getting a second opinion may be good for one’s financial health, giving peace of mind that the best plan is in place that is suitable to an individual and/or a family’s needs and overall financial goals.  If you are second guessing your current plan and would like a second opinion, we may be able to help. Contact us should you like to schedule a meeting with an advisor to review your current financial plan and get the assurance that your current plan appropriately aligns with your goals.

What to Expect when you meet with us:

  • We will meet with you to learn more about you by gathering your basic information and discussing your overall goals and risk tolerance.
  • Then, we will analyze your current financial situation and strategy in conjunction with the information you have provided and generate a written analysis of our findings.
  • The next step would be to meet with you to present our written analysis, providing you with recommendations based on your personal goals, risk tolerance and time horizon.


A fee may be assessed for this service.  Our fees vary based on the time devoted to the assignment and may include consultations, correspondence, meetings, telephone calls, negotiations, factual investigations, research, document preparation, and travel away from the office.  

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